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March 27th, 2008

Episode 5: Wind Power in China

China’s appetite for energy is growing just as quickly as its economy. Currently, 70% of primary energy in China comes from coal, creating large amounts of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Over the next ten years, China will see a growing portion of their energy come from renewable sources, due to an ambitious national policy. In this episode, China’s Green Beat visits a Beijing wind farm and investigates what role the United Nations’ clean development mechanism has played in the development of wind energy in China, which has been growing at 30% per year.

如同其快速增长的经济,中国对于能源的需求也在日益增加. 如今, 在中国, 70%的初级能源来自于煤炭, 而由此产生了严重的空气污染和大量的温室气体排放. 在未来的十年里, 由于雄心勃勃的全国性政策, 中国的能源使用中来在自于可再生能源的比例将增大, 在这集中, 中国绿色脉搏参观了一个位于北京的风力发电场, 并调查了联合国清洁发展机制在平均每年增长30%的中国风能的发展中所扮演的角色.

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February 18th, 2008

Episode 4 – Sun Zhe’s Public Transportation Adventures

The newest episode of China’s Green Beat is about public transportation in Beijing. Whereas the first three episodes were filmed and produced in a documentary style, episode 4 is filmed in a comedy and drama style, following one main character Sun Zhe as he has various experiences around Beijing on the subway, the bus, and his bike.
People who have been to Beijing know that both the air and the traffic can get quite bad. The two are closely linked, as vehicles are the cause of 40% of Beijing’s air pollution, according the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau. Currently, only 1/3 of trips in Beijing are on public transport, while 1/3 are in private vehicles. The buses are crowded and uncomfortable while the subways are limited in the number of places you can get to; public transportation certainly doesn’t appeal to those who own a car. There are already 3 millions cars on the road, with at least 1000 new ones hitting the streets every day.Much of the problem can be attributed to Beijing’s sprawling urban design. It simply takes a very long time to get between two points. The area of Beijing (within the fifth ring road) is comparable to New York’s five boroughs. The future of Beijing’s public transportation system does look bright though. The system already carries 15 million commuters every day, and that number is expected to rise to 28 million by 2012. This would raise the proportion of those riding public transport from 1/3 to 1/2.The subway system currently consists of five lines with a combined length of 142 kilometers. By 2008, there will be nine lines totaling 200 kilometers and by 2020, 19 lines totaling 561.5 kilometers, set to be the longest in the world. When the new subway line 5 was introduced, the government cut the subway fare to only two yuan. Suddenly, the daily subway ridership was near 2.5 million, up 900,000 from the month before. Efforts are also being made to improve the city’s bus system; for instance, the government has introduced 4000 new buses that run on cleaner-burning natural gas.

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January 11th, 2008

China Radio International

This week, China’s Green Beat was featured on “Voices from other lands” on China Radio International. You can catch the webcast here.

We are currently working hard on new episodes, which will be out at the end of January.

Stay tuned!

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December 2nd, 2007

Episode 3 – Biomass Power: The potential to replace coal

Our third episode is about biomass power in China. When we went to see China’s first biomass power plant in China, I was surprised by how good burning biomass can smell. The whole place had this fragrant green smell. It was also amazing to see the massive quantities of biomass that are needed to run these facilities.For more information on this episode, we have created a summary page which includes text and pictures from our podcast as well as some elaborations on biomass power.我们的第三集是关于生物发电在中国。当我们来到中国第一个生物发电厂时,我们对于燃烧生物质燃料的结果感到惊奇。整个发电厂都是带着绿色的气息。同时需要燃烧如此大量的生物质燃料也使我们震惊。为了传递有关于本集的更多的信息,我们有一篇包括来自播客中的文字以及图片和对于生物发电的一些详述的总结文章。Related information and sources 有关的资料:

New York Times: China’s Green Energy Gap纽约时报:中国绿色能源差距

Biomass Power in the United States生物质发电在美国

Shanxian Biomass Power Plant国能单县生物质发电厂

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November 21st, 2007

Episode 2: Rooftop Revolution: China's 40 million solar water heaters

Our second episode is about China’s use of solar water heaters, a great form of renewable energy that is easy to use. It is inspiring to see this technology around China from Gansu to Shandong, Beijing to Guangzhou. I hope you enjoy the second episode of China’s Green Beat!
希望你能喜欢中国绿色脉搏第二集。Forthcoming episodes:
December – Biomass Power in China, Beijing’s Air Quality Situation

12月主题: 生物发电在中国 和 北京的空气质量问题

Related information and sources 有关的资料:
California Solar Water Heating Bill Signed into Law加州太阳能热水器法案签署
Domestic Solar Water Heating Market in China中国内地热水器市场
Mainstreaming Clean Energy in Rizhao日照的主流清洁能源

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November 19th, 2007

Episode 1: Beijing's Three Wheeled Bikes: How Waste Gets Around

Hello and welcome to China’s Green Beat. My roommate Shane and I have decided to make a video podcast this year on environmental problems and solutions in China. We hope you can learn from it and tell other’s about it. If you have any ideas for episodes, we would like to hear about them. Send us an email at chinasgreenbeat [at] gmail.comOur first episode is about the recycling situation in Beijing. This episode idea evolved from my initial curiosity towards the three-wheeled bikes you often see on the streets of Beijing, carting around tons of waste and junk.Forthcoming episodes:
Thursday, November 22, 2007 – Rooftop Revolution: China’s solar water heaters
December – Biomass Power in China, Beijing’s Air Quality Situation你好,欢迎来到中国绿色脉搏。我和我室友祥宇今年决定制作一个关于

中国的环境问题以及解决措施的视频。我们希望你能从中得到一些东西并且能告诉其他人。我们很想知道你对我们的节目有什么看法。希望听取你的宝贵意见。你可以联系我们 chinasgreenbeat [at]


2007年11月22号 星期四《屋顶上的革命:中国的太阳能热水器》
以及12月关于 生物发电在中国 和 北京的空气质量问题

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November 15th, 2007

Coming soon…

Launch date: November 19, 2007
启动日期: 11月19日2007年

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