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Episode 2: Rooftop Revolution: China's 40 million solar water heaters

on Nov 21st 2007

Our second episode is about China’s use of solar water heaters, a great form of renewable energy that is easy to use. It is inspiring to see this technology around China from Gansu to Shandong, Beijing to Guangzhou. I hope you enjoy the second episode of China’s Green Beat! 我们第二集是关于太阳能热水器在中国的使用情况,太阳能是容易被使用而且潜力巨大的可再生能源, 而令人鼓舞的是我们能看到这项技术在中国的大江南北被越来越多的人使用, 希望你能喜欢中国绿色脉搏第二集。Forthcoming episodes: December – […]

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Episode 1: Beijing's Three Wheeled Bikes: How Waste Gets Around

on Nov 19th 2007

Hello and welcome to China’s Green Beat. My roommate Shane and I have decided to make a video podcast this year on environmental problems and solutions in China. We hope you can learn from it and tell other’s about it. If you have any ideas for episodes, we would like to hear about them. Send […]

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Coming soon…

on Nov 15th 2007

Launch date: November 19, 2007 启动日期: 11月19日2007年

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