China's Green Beat 中国绿色脉搏

Green China, make it happen! 绿色中国, 人人有责!

About the Green Brothers

eggplant on Jul 31st 2008

Green Brothers

China’s Green Beat was founded by John Romankiewicz from the United States and Shane Zhao from China. John graduated from Northwestern University with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering and came to China to learn Chinese and develop a career in renewable energy and sustainable development. He applied for and received a Fulbright scholarship for further study on China’s environmental issues. At the same time, Shane, a fresh high school graduate from Heilongjiang province, was introduced to John by a friend. After witnessing the severe environmental toll his hometown suffered from rapid economic development, Shane began to think about issues surrounding China’s sustainable growth. Sharing their observations of both the increasing international focus on China’s environmental situation as well as the Chinese government’s focus on developing renewable energy sources, they decided to setup China’s first bilingual video podcast about the environment, aptly named, China’s Green Beat.

In January, China’s Green Beat added a new green brother Rene Ng, a Canadian-born Chinese actor and writer working in Beijing. With Rene’s help, their latest episodes on public transportation in Beijing and wind power development in China have reached a new level of production and audience appreciation.