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Eco-rap: live from Beijing

on Aug 6th 2009

Ok, I had some time to cook up an eco-rap, which I performed (with the help of beat masters 350 aka Three-Fitty and 环保PANDA) at the International Youth Climate Summit in Beijing a couple weekends ago. Here’s the footage…and the lyrics below. Let’s look into the future and see the opportunity Wind turbines will spin […]

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Lean, Mean, and Green!!!

on May 31st 2008

Beijing International Theatre & Entertainment (BITE) in conjunction with China’s Green Beat will be performing the “Lean, Mean and Green” comedy to entertain audiences as well as to raise awareness about the environmental and business solutions. The hilarious show uses a Reality TV show format to discuss about the environment, poking fun at both environmentalists […]

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Cooperation with China Dialogue and New Episodes Forthcoming…

on May 27th 2008

中外对话和中国绿色脉搏合作绿色视频系列即将与大家见面! It has been awhile since we have updated our viewers with news or given you new content, but rest assured the Green Brothers have been hard at work the past few months. Our biggest news is that we are now in cooperation with China Dialogue, a premier bilingual site on the environment that focuses […]

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China Radio International

on Jan 11th 2008

This week, China’s Green Beat was featured on “Voices from other lands” on China Radio International. You can catch the webcast here. We are currently working hard on new episodes, which will be out at the end of January. Stay tuned!

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Coming soon…

on Nov 15th 2007

Launch date: November 19, 2007 启动日期: 11月19日2007年

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