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May 27th, 2008

Cooperation with China Dialogue and New Episodes Forthcoming…


It has been awhile since we have updated our viewers with news or given you new content, but rest assured the Green Brothers have been hard at work the past few months. Our biggest news is that we are now in cooperation with China Dialogue, a premier bilingual site on the environment that focuses on Chinese and global issues. Through our cooperation agreement, we set up a conference in Beijing and selected 30 Chinese students (10 from Beijing, 20 from other cities ranging from Urumqi to Haikou, from Kunming to Harbin) to attend and receive training in how to make a China’s Green Beat video, a video that teaches the viewer about environmental solutions and engages them to take action. Over the next two months, new content will be released on China’s Green Beat and China Dialogue websites that was produced as a result of this conference and the efforts of students all across China. Here is a preview of what’s ahead.

中国绿色脉搏已经有一段时间没有推出新的视频了。但是,请大家放心,经过绿色兄弟过去几个月的努力,我们即将有最新的内容推出,我们现在正在和中外对话合作,准备推出我们的系列视频。中外对话是中国首个中英双语的关注于中国与世界的环境问题的网站。在我们的合作中,我们举办了中国绿色脉搏和中外对话第一届视频培训会议。经过报名选拔,我们选出了来自全国各地的30名中国学生( 其中10名来自北京, 20名来自其它城市,他们来自全国各地,有从乌鲁木齐到海口,从昆明到哈尔滨等)参加我们的培训会议。在会中,我们告诉他们如何制作绿色视频,如何使自己的视频具有教育性,使观看者能了解一些解决环境问题的方法,最终能鼓励人们参与到行动当中。在会后的两个月内,视频系列将在中国绿色脉搏和中外对话的网站上播出。这些视频全部由来自全国的参会学生制作而成。如果你想提前了解我们的视频系列,请看我们的预告片。


June 3 – Sun Zhe’s Public Transportation Adventures

June 10 – Wind Power in China

June 17 – Green Dating Gone Wrong in Beijing

June 24 – Excessive Packaging in Shanghai

July 1 – Hong Kong: Consumed!

July 8 – No Car Day in Kunming

6月3日 – 北京:孙哲公共交通历险记

6月10日 – 中国:风力发电

6月17日 – 北京:绿色约会泡汤了

6月24日 – 上海:过度包装

7月1日 – 香港:消耗了!

7月8日 – 昆明:无车日

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