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August 6th, 2009

Eco-rap: live from Beijing

Ok, I had some time to cook up an eco-rap, which I performed (with the help of beat masters 350 aka Three-Fitty and 环保PANDA) at the International Youth Climate Summit in Beijing a couple weekends ago.

Here’s the footage…and the lyrics below.

Let’s look into the future and see the opportunity
Wind turbines will spin with great velocity
Solar panels will provide a clean revolution
To wean us off coal, and get rid of the pollution
Solar wind geo bio all on the table
But they are missing the tech to enable
A paradigm shift, power grid face lift
Better be swift, clean energy’s a gift
That must be delivered in a different way
Distributed and digitized, wouldn’t you say?

New energy is cool and all but I have to beg your pardon
Cause in the end it’s all about the carbon
We have to account for the emissions we made
Gonna be a carbon price under cap and trade
It’s a new language, parlez vous carbonais?
Supplementarity caps and additionality
Rising emissions are a solemn reality
So many targets that are yet unmet
Psh, have you ever even bought a carbon offset?
Yo but for real we gotta keep our heads straight
There are so many emissions that we must abate
What will be decided at Copenhagen?
All the results you know I’ll be blogging
2012 I’m not sure if we can wait
The earth’s warming faster, we can’t be too late
But the world is changing, now Obama’s leading
It’s the sun’s energy off which we’ll be feeding
Financial crisis here, but we won’t back down
Put a smile on your face, I don’t want to see no frown
Clean energy is the future, we all know that
Global warming’s going down, ‘nuf said about that.

我想说,表示一些东子 Let me express some things
可再生能源会改善我们的空气 Clean energy is gonna clean the air
石油低价, 金融危机都不怕 We’re not afraid of oil’s low price or the financial crisis
新能源的道路都是发发 The road of new energy is prosperous
哟太阳能。天下来的一个好梦 Solar energy, it’s a dream come down from heaven
风能。自然的流通,从热到冷 Wind energy, just a natural flow from hot to cold
生物能,就把回收提高一层 Biomass energy, it’s like recycling but better
地热能,那个资源很有可能 Geothermal energy, oh that resource’s potential!

可再生能源是一个关键 Clean energy is one key element
但是不要忘别的方面 But let’s not forget the other aspects
环境保护包括生活方式 Environmental protection includes your lifestyle
怎么让它做得更绿色 How can make it greener?
右手,我的交通卡 In my right hand, I got my bus card
左手,我的环保袋 In my left hand, I got my reusable bag
绿色英雄的两个武器 A green hero’s two weapons
简单的改变肯定有意义 Simple changes are meaningful

美国人和中国人都有责任 USA and China both have responsibilities
是两个国家还是我们? It’s not too countries, it’s us together as one!
咱们互相建造低碳的城市 Let’s build together low carbon cities
把每个兄弟姐妹变成绿色 Turn every brother and sister into a green one!

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