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November 21st, 2007

Episode 2: Rooftop Revolution: China's 40 million solar water heaters

Our second episode is about China’s use of solar water heaters, a great form of renewable energy that is easy to use. It is inspiring to see this technology around China from Gansu to Shandong, Beijing to Guangzhou. I hope you enjoy the second episode of China’s Green Beat!
希望你能喜欢中国绿色脉搏第二集。Forthcoming episodes:
December – Biomass Power in China, Beijing’s Air Quality Situation

12月主题: 生物发电在中国 和 北京的空气质量问题

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  • James

    I came to a pretty sharp realisation about something today:

    China’s land area is 9,326,410 sq km (9,326,410,000 sq m)

    I also know that Chinese Gov aims for RE to ‘eventually’ consistently make up 30-40% of energy consumption.

    In order for that to be realistic they broke that down into what they believe to be feasible targets per sector.

    Under these, by 2050, installed solar water heater capacity has to reach 1 billion m2. Erm, how exactly might this be possible?

    11% of China’s land mass covered in solar water heaters?

    I am an optimists, but this seems in the realms of make believe.
    Or, maybe we really are about to see the rolling out of this much.

    I feel the need to speak to my energy, urban/town planning Chinese friends about this.

  • James

    Also, what is this I’ve heard about solar energy potential in China having been massively curtailed by the pollution already there?

  • Karen Patrick

    China is really keeping up with being more friendly to the environment. This is an excellent step.