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December 2nd, 2007

Episode 3 – Biomass Power: The potential to replace coal

Our third episode is about biomass power in China. When we went to see China’s first biomass power plant in China, I was surprised by how good burning biomass can smell. The whole place had this fragrant green smell. It was also amazing to see the massive quantities of biomass that are needed to run these facilities.For more information on this episode, we have created a summary page which includes text and pictures from our podcast as well as some elaborations on biomass power.我们的第三集是关于生物发电在中国。当我们来到中国第一个生物发电厂时,我们对于燃烧生物质燃料的结果感到惊奇。整个发电厂都是带着绿色的气息。同时需要燃烧如此大量的生物质燃料也使我们震惊。为了传递有关于本集的更多的信息,我们有一篇包括来自播客中的文字以及图片和对于生物发电的一些详述的总结文章。Related information and sources 有关的资料:

New York Times: China’s Green Energy Gap纽约时报:中国绿色能源差距

Biomass Power in the United States生物质发电在美国

Shanxian Biomass Power Plant国能单县生物质发电厂

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