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August 6th, 2009

Eco-rap: live from Beijing

Ok, I had some time to cook up an eco-rap, which I performed (with the help of beat masters 350 aka Three-Fitty and 环保PANDA) at the International Youth Climate Summit in Beijing a couple weekends ago.

Here’s the footage…and the lyrics below.

Let’s look into the future and see the opportunity
Wind turbines will spin with great velocity
Solar panels will provide a clean revolution
To wean us off coal, and get rid of the pollution
Solar wind geo bio all on the table
But they are missing the tech to enable
A paradigm shift, power grid face lift
Better be swift, clean energy’s a gift
That must be delivered in a different way
Distributed and digitized, wouldn’t you say?

New energy is cool and all but I have to beg your pardon
Cause in the end it’s all about the carbon
We have to account for the emissions we made
Gonna be a carbon price under cap and trade
It’s a new language, parlez vous carbonais?
Supplementarity caps and additionality
Rising emissions are a solemn reality
So many targets that are yet unmet
Psh, have you ever even bought a carbon offset?
Yo but for real we gotta keep our heads straight
There are so many emissions that we must abate
What will be decided at Copenhagen?
All the results you know I’ll be blogging
2012 I’m not sure if we can wait
The earth’s warming faster, we can’t be too late
But the world is changing, now Obama’s leading
It’s the sun’s energy off which we’ll be feeding
Financial crisis here, but we won’t back down
Put a smile on your face, I don’t want to see no frown
Clean energy is the future, we all know that
Global warming’s going down, ‘nuf said about that.

我想说,表示一些东子 Let me express some things
可再生能源会改善我们的空气 Clean energy is gonna clean the air
石油低价, 金融危机都不怕 We’re not afraid of oil’s low price or the financial crisis
新能源的道路都是发发 The road of new energy is prosperous
哟太阳能。天下来的一个好梦 Solar energy, it’s a dream come down from heaven
风能。自然的流通,从热到冷 Wind energy, just a natural flow from hot to cold
生物能,就把回收提高一层 Biomass energy, it’s like recycling but better
地热能,那个资源很有可能 Geothermal energy, oh that resource’s potential!

可再生能源是一个关键 Clean energy is one key element
但是不要忘别的方面 But let’s not forget the other aspects
环境保护包括生活方式 Environmental protection includes your lifestyle
怎么让它做得更绿色 How can make it greener?
右手,我的交通卡 In my right hand, I got my bus card
左手,我的环保袋 In my left hand, I got my reusable bag
绿色英雄的两个武器 A green hero’s two weapons
简单的改变肯定有意义 Simple changes are meaningful

美国人和中国人都有责任 USA and China both have responsibilities
是两个国家还是我们? It’s not too countries, it’s us together as one!
咱们互相建造低碳的城市 Let’s build together low carbon cities
把每个兄弟姐妹变成绿色 Turn every brother and sister into a green one!

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June 14th, 2009

Geothermal energy in Beijing 地热能在北京

Well it sure has been awhile since we have posted a new Green Beat, but I promise this is one of our finest works yet (in contains a decent amount of eco-rap). The main reason for our slowdown at Green Beat was because each of the main three green brothers have been busy with other full time endeavors. Shane just finished his first year at Franklin and Marshall, John has been working full time at New Energy Finance in Beijing, while Rene has been in and out of Zhengzhou helping to start the Institute for Social and Environmental Responsibility at SIAS University down there. A new green brother Li Xianghu of Beijing University of Geosciences helped us in making this new video on geothermal energy in Beijing.

Shane is back in Beijing for the summer, so hopefully we will be producing a couple more videos. He is also helping to organize the International Youth Summit on Climate Change, which takes place on July 18-19 so watch this space for more info on that.

Without further ado… our latest video: Geothermal energy in Beijing!


You might not know it, but not all buildings in Beijing are heated using natural gas or coal. Some are heated (and some cooled as well) using geothermal energy. China’s Green Beat takes you around Beijing to explore two main technologies being used: deep well geothermal and ground source heat pumps.

China’s Green Beat – Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Beijing from John Romankiewicz on Vimeo.

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November 17th, 2008

Hydropower on the Nu River

In 2004, there was a plan to put 13 dams along the Nu River, one of the most biodiverse regions of China.  The total output of the dams would surpass that of the Three Gorges Dam, and would be used to supply electricity to Southwest China.  Wen Jiabao put a stop to the projects that year after a public outcry from environmentalists and foreign governments alike.  Later in 2005, some smaller proposals received approval.  It seems that construction has begun on at least one of the dams.  Is there another way for this region to develop and use hydropower for its electricity needs without building dams which harm the natural and social environment?  Maybe the picture seems bleak and the future inevitable, but there are a few signs and examples of a more sustainable route…

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July 16th, 2008

Bioenergy in Yunnan 云南省的生物能源

Yunnan province in Southwest China is a multicultural, beautiful place and a hotbed of biodiversity. Many rural people rely almost solely on firewood for their energy needs of cooking and heating. Over collection of firewood is the most immediate and significant threat to biodiversity in Northwest Yunnan, because of the amount of deforestation and destruction of habitat that takes place to harvest the wood. The use of biogas digesters and efficient stoves is increasing, however, which is in turn decreasing the need for wood, saving time and labor for rural people.


For more information on The Nature Conservancy’s China program, please click here.

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July 3rd, 2008

Hong Kong: Consumed! 香港:被消费消耗

This new video is also a result of the video training meeting held in Beijing in April. This one comes from our Hong Kong team comprised of Serene Wei Wei Gao, Tennia Yue Zhao, Andrew Stevenson, and Alley Pezanoski-Browne. The video alerts the viewer to the growing problem of waste in Hong Kong and explores the underlying reasons for materialism and consumption. It also offers suggestions on how people can reduce the environmental footprint of their shopping and consumption.

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June 25th, 2008

Sun Zhe’s Adventures: Green Dating Gone Wrong 孙哲历险记: 绿色约会泡汤了

Last time on Sun Zhe’s Adventures, our hero lined up some hot dates while touting the advantages of his bike and the bus even in the face of Beijing air pollution and traffic.  This time, he has a new crush, Zhu Ying, who is as green as they come.  Let’s see how Sun Zhe fares on his “green date.”

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June 24th, 2008

Kunming’s No Car Day 昆明的无车日

This episode, produced by Kunming Green Sisters Ouyang and Jenny, tells about “No Car Day”. What kind of effect does this once-a-month activity have on the city of Kunming? What do the local people think about it? Watch to find out.


September 22 was “No Car Day” around the world, but Kunming is the only Chinese city to have a “No Car Day” every month, held on the last Saturday from 9am to 5pm. The policy has its limitations, of course. Rather than fully banning cars throughout the entire city, only private cars are forbidden to enter the first ring road. Taxis, buses, bikes, scooters, and special purpose vehicles (or vehicles with greater than 17 seats that are more than 50% full) are allowed to travel anywhere in the city. Additionally, cars with odd plates can drive on odd months (even plates on even months) between the first and second ring roads. Any car can drive outside of the second ring.

The policy seems to have mixed results. On September 22, the Kunming Environmental Bureau reported much better air quality due to the limitation of private cars. “Carbon monoxide levels dropped 32.9 percent, nitrogen dioxide levels dropped 45.1 percent, ozone was down 39.5 percent, carbon dioxide was down 15.4 percent and airborne particulate matter was reduced by more than one-fifth.” (source) On the same day, the BBC reported Beijing drivers as having all but ignored the call for No Car Day, where the event was voluntary and not enforced as in Kunming. Having reported on April’s No Car Day, it was already the sixth monthly No Car Day. Most people that China’s Green Beat spoke with said that they had gotten used to the policy by now and adjusted their patterns by either taking public transport, not planning major shopping or events on those days, or borrowing their friends’ even-numbered plate car for the even-numbered month.

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June 23rd, 2008

Shanghai: Excessive Packaging 上海: 过度包装

This new video, produced by Green Sisters Leigh Billings and Tina Hou in Shanghai, was a result of the video training meeting held in Beijing in April.

In China, packaging for consumer products is often excessive and gorgeous. Packaging creates a huge amount of waste, how can we get rid of this problem?  First we must consider why do Chinese manufacturers always put layer after layer of packaging on their products.  They must think the consumers are requesting all this packaging.  But do they?  If they do, why? In this short film, the Green Sisters investigate these questions using statistics, policy, interviews with customers and salespeoples, as well as a look at how the culture of gift-giving in China plays into the question.

在中国,很多产品的包装过多过”华丽”。这是一个很浪费的现象,可是怎么改善这样的问题呢? 首先, 我们必须学习为什么中国制造业会喜欢用一层又一层的包装。我们认为是因为制造业认为市场需要这么多的包装,即消费者要求产品有这么多的包装。但是中国的消费者真的喜欢那么多的包装吗?如果答案是肯定的,这背后又有什么原因呢?我们将在我们的短片中简单探讨这些问题,我们会采集 包装统计, 政策资料, 采访顾客、商人, 并探讨中国面子的文化/送礼物的文化。

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May 31st, 2008

Lean, Mean, and Green!!!

Lean Mean and Green poster

Beijing International Theatre & Entertainment (BITE) in conjunction with China’s Green Beat will be performing the “Lean, Mean and Green” comedy to entertain audiences as well as to raise awareness about the environmental and business solutions. The hilarious show uses a Reality TV show format to discuss about the environment, poking fun at both environmentalists and industrialists. “Environmental pollution is everyone’s problem, and it’s particularly obvious here in Beijing. Modern media is displaying the debate with such doom and gloom which doesn’t solve anything. We are showcasing it using laughter and showing positive solutions. This will have an impact!” said Rene Ng, Director of “Lean, Mean and Green.” The play will be filmed and showcased online at a later date.

The “Lean, Mean and Green” shows will be performed on June 13, 14, 20, 21 at 7:30pm at Obiwan Bar, located at Xihai Xiyan No.4 Xicheng District. A map of the location can be found here: Lean Mean and Green location map

Tickets are RMB100 each. Discounted tickets are offered to Ex-pat students for RMB50 each and Chinese students for RMB30 each.

For more information, please contact the BITE Group at beijingtheatre **AT** gmail DOT com

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May 27th, 2008

Cooperation with China Dialogue and New Episodes Forthcoming…


It has been awhile since we have updated our viewers with news or given you new content, but rest assured the Green Brothers have been hard at work the past few months. Our biggest news is that we are now in cooperation with China Dialogue, a premier bilingual site on the environment that focuses on Chinese and global issues. Through our cooperation agreement, we set up a conference in Beijing and selected 30 Chinese students (10 from Beijing, 20 from other cities ranging from Urumqi to Haikou, from Kunming to Harbin) to attend and receive training in how to make a China’s Green Beat video, a video that teaches the viewer about environmental solutions and engages them to take action. Over the next two months, new content will be released on China’s Green Beat and China Dialogue websites that was produced as a result of this conference and the efforts of students all across China. Here is a preview of what’s ahead.

中国绿色脉搏已经有一段时间没有推出新的视频了。但是,请大家放心,经过绿色兄弟过去几个月的努力,我们即将有最新的内容推出,我们现在正在和中外对话合作,准备推出我们的系列视频。中外对话是中国首个中英双语的关注于中国与世界的环境问题的网站。在我们的合作中,我们举办了中国绿色脉搏和中外对话第一届视频培训会议。经过报名选拔,我们选出了来自全国各地的30名中国学生( 其中10名来自北京, 20名来自其它城市,他们来自全国各地,有从乌鲁木齐到海口,从昆明到哈尔滨等)参加我们的培训会议。在会中,我们告诉他们如何制作绿色视频,如何使自己的视频具有教育性,使观看者能了解一些解决环境问题的方法,最终能鼓励人们参与到行动当中。在会后的两个月内,视频系列将在中国绿色脉搏和中外对话的网站上播出。这些视频全部由来自全国的参会学生制作而成。如果你想提前了解我们的视频系列,请看我们的预告片。


June 3 – Sun Zhe’s Public Transportation Adventures

June 10 – Wind Power in China

June 17 – Green Dating Gone Wrong in Beijing

June 24 – Excessive Packaging in Shanghai

July 1 – Hong Kong: Consumed!

July 8 – No Car Day in Kunming

6月3日 – 北京:孙哲公共交通历险记

6月10日 – 中国:风力发电

6月17日 – 北京:绿色约会泡汤了

6月24日 – 上海:过度包装

7月1日 – 香港:消耗了!

7月8日 – 昆明:无车日

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