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June 14th, 2009

Geothermal energy in Beijing 地热能在北京

Well it sure has been awhile since we have posted a new Green Beat, but I promise this is one of our finest works yet (in contains a decent amount of eco-rap). The main reason for our slowdown at Green Beat was because each of the main three green brothers have been busy with other full time endeavors. Shane just finished his first year at Franklin and Marshall, John has been working full time at New Energy Finance in Beijing, while Rene has been in and out of Zhengzhou helping to start the Institute for Social and Environmental Responsibility at SIAS University down there. A new green brother Li Xianghu of Beijing University of Geosciences helped us in making this new video on geothermal energy in Beijing.

Shane is back in Beijing for the summer, so hopefully we will be producing a couple more videos. He is also helping to organize the International Youth Summit on Climate Change, which takes place on July 18-19 so watch this space for more info on that.

Without further ado… our latest video: Geothermal energy in Beijing!


You might not know it, but not all buildings in Beijing are heated using natural gas or coal. Some are heated (and some cooled as well) using geothermal energy. China’s Green Beat takes you around Beijing to explore two main technologies being used: deep well geothermal and ground source heat pumps.

China’s Green Beat – Geothermal Heating and Cooling in Beijing from John Romankiewicz on Vimeo.

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