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July 3rd, 2008

Hong Kong: Consumed! 香港:被消费消耗

This new video is also a result of the video training meeting held in Beijing in April. This one comes from our Hong Kong team comprised of Serene Wei Wei Gao, Tennia Yue Zhao, Andrew Stevenson, and Alley Pezanoski-Browne. The video alerts the viewer to the growing problem of waste in Hong Kong and explores the underlying reasons for materialism and consumption. It also offers suggestions on how people can reduce the environmental footprint of their shopping and consumption.

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  • Michael Baker

    I really think you have nailed it with your VDO Hong Kong Consumed. It had never crossed my mind that stress drives people to shop, but now that you have put the thought in my mind I know it to be true, I believe it.
    Also, I guess people buy things to increase their status, to look good and to make other people look up to them. But I think that is changing.
    Actually I have more respect for people who only buy what they need than I do for people who demonstrate wealth by buying and showing a lot.
    I’m actually quite proud of the fact that I DON’T own a car, DON’T own a house, DON’T own a watch, even though I can afford all these things.
    I also really liked the music in your VDO. Very evocative, very appropriate, moving as well.

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