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June 23rd, 2008

Shanghai: Excessive Packaging 上海: 过度包装

This new video, produced by Green Sisters Leigh Billings and Tina Hou in Shanghai, was a result of the video training meeting held in Beijing in April.

In China, packaging for consumer products is often excessive and gorgeous. Packaging creates a huge amount of waste, how can we get rid of this problem?  First we must consider why do Chinese manufacturers always put layer after layer of packaging on their products.  They must think the consumers are requesting all this packaging.  But do they?  If they do, why? In this short film, the Green Sisters investigate these questions using statistics, policy, interviews with customers and salespeoples, as well as a look at how the culture of gift-giving in China plays into the question.

在中国,很多产品的包装过多过”华丽”。这是一个很浪费的现象,可是怎么改善这样的问题呢? 首先, 我们必须学习为什么中国制造业会喜欢用一层又一层的包装。我们认为是因为制造业认为市场需要这么多的包装,即消费者要求产品有这么多的包装。但是中国的消费者真的喜欢那么多的包装吗?如果答案是肯定的,这背后又有什么原因呢?我们将在我们的短片中简单探讨这些问题,我们会采集 包装统计, 政策资料, 采访顾客、商人, 并探讨中国面子的文化/送礼物的文化。

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  • tennia

    So cool! Guys this is brilliant! Well done!

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  • Jack Lai

    Greetings to people of China,

    I may not have enough money to visit China, but when one of my friends did, he’s shocked when his host invite him to dinner, his host keep ordering food to the table even though he finished the last item on his plate & said he had enough.

    The table is still full of food even after everyone is done eating. The host explained that this is part of the ‘custom’ of not letting the guest feel unwelcome.

    In my humble opinion, even though China finally got out of starvation problem long ago, it shouldn’t waste food during times of wealth. This will make food shortages in rural China as well as in other parts of the world.

    Last year we encounter shortage of basic food around the world in the modern era.

    We all as a human species (including myself) should reconsider our food consumption habits. Do not wait until we experience starvation, then learn. By that time its way too late.

    Thanks for sharing.